Which One to Buy – Window AC or Split AC?

If you’re buying an air conditioner for the first time, you may be confused between a window AC or a split AC. There are many individuals who feel strongly about window air conditioners. On the contrary, many homeowners consider buying split air conditioners because it suits their modern design requirements. Let us understand the differences between the two and find out which one will be an ideal option for you. 

Window AC vs. Split AC

window AC or split AC

Both window and split air conditioners are mounted on the wall. However, the difference lies in the air conditioning unit. The window AC comes in a single unit and is generally installed outside the window. On the other hand, split air conditioners come in two separate units – the air handling unit and the condensing unit. Unlike window AC, split air conditioners are not that bulky and will not block your windows. Now, let us discuss some of the major differences between both units. 

Space Requirement

One of the most critical aspects that you must consider is the space available in the room. An air conditioner requires defined space for proper installation. Window air conditioners are a single large unit and you will have to make certain adjustments to the wall. On the other hand, split air conditioners offer more flexibility. The outdoor unit can even be placed 100 feet away from the indoor unit. It can be connected via copper tubing and the control wing passes. There will be few modifications and the installation is quite simple. But you must note that the pricing of installation will increase if the outer or compressor part is at a huge distance. 

Power Consumption

window AC or split AC

Nowadays, we have air conditioners with unique inverter technologies, which makes them highly efficient. Besides this, the energy consumption and utility bills depend on the star rating. Research reveals that a 4-star split AC will consume less energy than a 4-star window AC. 

Cooling Efficiency

Split air conditioners have better cooling efficiency. Some models are even equipped with additional heating capacity, which makes them an excellent choice for all seasons. They are ideal for larger rooms. If you have a small to medium room, you can considerably go for a window air conditioner. 


Split air conditioners are quiet and can run more silently because there are two separate units. The window air conditioners are comparatively noisier than the split ones. Although the technology is getting advanced, and you will find newer models that can operate with completely silent operation. However, they have premium pricing which could be one of the limitations. 


Split air conditioners require more maintenance for proper functioning. You will even have to clean filters and the units by yourself to maintain the conditioner. Professional maintenance is necessary and you must reach out to trained experts for that. On the contrary, window ACs don’t require much maintenance. 

Summing Up

These are some of the critical aspects that you must consider while choosing between a window AC or a split AC. However, you must also consider other factors such as space available and the number of people in the room. Consider the number of electrical appliances installed in the particular room as the air conditioner will further increase the load. If you live in a coastal region, the air conditioning requirements may be different. Check all these factors and see if the air conditioner is compatible with the humid or coastal region. Consider all these aspects and be an informed buyer. Keep following us for more such guides and tips. 

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