Useful Tips to Safely Store Luggage Bags at Home

Travelling is one of the most adventurous ways of recreation. Meeting new people, cultures and climates gives a dose of refreshment along with lots of experience. Whether solo or with friends, you always end up making more number of acquaintance and buying more travel bags. Though rough and tough, luggage bags need proper care and storage when not in use. Times, when vintage bags were used, are gone. And making your luggage bag a table or stool is somewhere not a great idea we would say. But no worries! We are here to help you out with tips on How to store luggage bags at home? 

These travel bags not only carries your belongings but also your stories. Those with traveling as their profession must be aware of this. Whether it’s the stain of sambhar curry from your visit to south India or it’s the mud stain from the northeast India visit. Once back from the trip, they become little pieces of memory that you cherish while sharing the experience. But these stains need not be carried to the next trip. Luggage bags also need care otherwise may get damaged by mold and mildew.

Store luggage bags away from humidity

If stored in compact and closed spaces, luggage bags may end up getting harmed in humid situations. Both fabric-exterior and hardcover bags are prone to getting damaged by humidity. And may end up affected by mold, mildew, and sour smell. But the good thing is you can prevent this using silicon desiccant packets or use naphthalene balls as well. You can also use a plastic cover to protect the bag from dust and dirt.

Put load inside and not above

Many times we put the not-in-use things in the store room and keep on stacking them. Now, if you do this when you store luggage bags, you may end up damaging them. You may put the load inside them, and then store them. But keeping the load on an empty luggage bag will dismantle its rigid structure. And if hardshell cover, the load may give permanent dent.

Clean before you store luggage bags

Though each travel stain is a traveler’s memory, you need to wash them before you store the bag. This will ensure that next time you are on the go, there’s a fresh bag to take along. Many luggage bags come with instructions to clean them, when in confusion go with the manual. You can use a bristle brush to clean the fabric exterior, while colin can be used to clean the hardshell exterior. 

For the inside of your luggage bag, you can keep it open in sun, and use deodorant to get rid of the foul smell. You can also use a disinfectant spray to ensure the bag remains free from bacteria.

Store to save space

People with different sizes of bags can store the bags inside each other. Cloth bags can be folded in a roll to use space effectively. This way your outer bag will retain its shape, and now load can be even kept on it. You may also put some travel essentials inside the bag while storing it. These can be toothbrushes, locks, towels, tents, plastic sheets, etc. this will save you time while preparing for your next trip.

Find a place

It’s important to understand that luggage bags also need a clean and suitable storage space. The best can be closet or under the bed. This is because at these places you’ll be able to clean them regularly. If you don’t have a closet, get yourself one. You can also store luggage bags in a small room with cross ventilation.

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