Surprising Benefits of Voltage Stabilizers

Today, the rise in science and technology has led to multiple innovations in appliances. Some of the best examples could be taken from our homes. Be it a refrigerator, television, air conditioner, or any other appliance. Earlier where they were operated manually, now it’s a matter of touch or a voice command. Hence, without a doubt, we can say that the latest innovations have made life easy and comfortable. But while we enjoy their benefits, we must not forget to take their care. After all, we want them to work efficiently. So, along with ensuring appliance maintenance and cleaning, it is equally important to ensure a stable power supply. Here comes the voltage stabilizer for rescue. It ensures the regulated flow of voltage to the appliance. Hence, preventing any mishap. Before we discuss other benefits of voltage stabilizers, let’s first understand what it is.

What is a voltage stabilizer?

A voltage stabilizer is an external electric unit that keeps the load(tv, ac, refrigerator, etc.) safe from power fluctuations. It does so by maintaining a constant voltage level automatically further acting as a protective shield. It prevents fluctuating voltage from being directly fed to the appliance. Hence keeping it safe during over-voltage, under-voltage, or sharp voltage fluctuations. Along with protecting the appliance, it also ensures the appliance is energy efficient.

Voltage stabilizers are available in two categories: Analog stabilizers and Digital voltage stabilizers. However, multiple brands and manufacturers available in the market, keep building up the competition. and adding to the benefits of voltage stabilizers. Thanks to their effort. These voltage stabilizers come in single-phase and three-phase variations. Single-phase stabilizers give an output voltage of 220 to 230 volts. Whereas the three-phase stabilizers give an output of 380-400 volts. Further, there are two different models of three-phase voltage stabilizers: The balanced load and the Unbalanced load model.

Voltage stabilizers operate using two functions namely boost and buck operations. The Buck and boost method of its internal circuitry performs voltage stabilization.

Why do we need a voltage stabilizer?

We know that an irregular power supply is dangerous for appliances. It not only reduces the appliance efficiency but many times end up causing its complete failure. Nowadays, experiencing power fluctuations is very common. And it is important to properly attend to them. With a great number of benefits of voltage stabilizers, these are the need today.

An unstable voltage input results in overheating, large overcurrent, and power disruption, further causing:

  • The degraded useful life of the appliance
  • Permanent damage to its internal components
  • Low efficiency.
  • Insulation damage.

What are the Benefits of voltage stabilizers?

A voltage stabilizer takes an unstable input voltage and passes stabilized output to the appliance, ensuring its smooth working. Over the period new advancements have added to the benefits of voltage stabilizers. this further has made them safe and easy to use. Some of the surprising benefits of voltage stabilizers are:

  •  Helps increase the life of an appliance
  •  Prevents Insulation damage
  •  Avoids permanent damage to the appliance
  •  Outputs optimum voltage level
  •  Protects internal components of the appliance
  •  Prevents overheating in appliance
  •  Ensures desirable efficiency under adverse conditions
  •  Allows only required usage of power by appliance

Last word:

As different regions experience different power fluctuations. It is important to identify which stabilizer suits voltage fluctuations in your locality. Remember, needs for residential and workplace are different. With so many electric appliances working simultaneously at home, stabilizers are need of today. With the help of our buying guide for voltage stabilizers, you can choose a suitable one for your home.

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