Myth or Truth: Do Air Purifiers Help you Sleep Better?

Air purifiers have become extremely necessary and versatile equipment that helps in improving the quality of the air. They come as a saviour and will significantly reduce the number of pathogens present in the air. Many individuals who are suffering from respiratory diseases are often concerned about whether air purifiers can assist with sleep. Many have a misconception that air purifiers can deteriorate or degrade the quality of sleep. Let us discuss how air purifiers can impact your sleep and how they may improve the quality of sleep. 

Unhealthy Environment Can Increase the Risk of Poor Sleep

Unhealthy surroundings, bad odours, and allergens can disrupt the sleep pattern and may impact the quality of the air. Breathing unhealthy air can also trigger symptoms and may lead to conditions such as coughing, sneezing, and itchy eyes. You may be at a higher risk of experiencing allergic reactions if you are breathing unhealthy air. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in an air purifier that operates silently and improves the quality of the air in your surroundings. While you are sleeping, purifiers will be at work and will reduce the contaminants. 

What are the factors that can ruin your sleep?

Here are some of the factors that can deteriorate the quality of your sleep: 

  • Bad smells and odours may make it difficult to breathe and sleep. 
  • Dust and particles may get accumulated on the mattress. 
  • Seasonal changes may lead to allergies and may make you feel uneasy. 

Air purifiers with an activated carbon filter may help reduce the smells, whereas HEPA filters may eliminate the different types of allergens present in the environment. Most air purifiers operate silently and you can set a timer. We can say that an air purifier is one of the most innovative technologies that can help you sleep better. 

Here are two other factors that can disturb the quality of your sleep: 

  • An uncomfortable mattress 
  • Irritating colours and aesthetics of your room 

Pay attention to these factors and consider getting an air purifier for your room. Check the features, warranty, and quality of the brand before making the decision. 

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