Memory Foam vs. Spring Mattress: Which one is better?

The mattress is where we spend almost 1/3rd of our day. The time spent here is dedicated to relaxing or sleeping. Hence, we must ensure it is as comfortable as possible. This further makes it essential to choose the best mattress that suits our needs and is also beneficial for our health. But with so many brands with their so-called scientifically proven health benefits, on the market, we need a proper guide to choose the better. Here with our memory foam vs. spring mattress, we have tried to bring out the suitability of both for you. While memory foam is a recent addition to the wide variety of mattresses, spring ones have been there for a long. Using the information below, you can find out the mattress that suits you best and promises you a good night’s sleep.


What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam mattress comes with different foam layers, each with different densities and breathability. These ensure that when you lay down, it takes the shape and supports your curves and pressure points. This happens by the contouring foam that molds to your curves and helps relieve back and joint pain. And even if you are a side or back sleeper, this mattress supports the natural alignment of your spine.

These memory foams are temperature and pressure-sensitive. This further leads to their softening when you lay down, along with equal distribution of body weight. These mattresses are popularly used in relieving pressure and can be used as regular mattresses by a person of any age.

What is a Spring Mattress?

Spring mattresses were introduced in 1871 and got popular due to their support and bounce. The basic structure of a spring mattress consists of springs or coils encased in foam, forming a support layer. This is topped with upholster layer to ensure comfort. This comfort layer includes a quilted top that determines the mattresses’ plushness and ensures the sleeper’s comfort. The bounce depends on the number of turns in the coils which also promotes breathability.

Memory Foam vs. Spring Mattress: Key Differences

Factors  Memory foam Spring  Spring mattress support support
Support  Memory foam offers support to curves of the body by evenly distributing the body weight. Further promoting healthy spinal alignment.  The support spring mattress offer is not uniform to all body parts. Most of them don’t have comfort foam of ideal thickness to support pressure points. 
Pain relief  This mattress contours to your body providing pressure relief by uniformly supporting the natural curvature of the spine. Hence, memory foam will offer pressure-free support which spring doesn’t.  Spring mattresses are not effective in relieving pain or many a times may end up aggravating the pain by coils pressing into pain areas. 
Motion transfer  Density of memory foam absorbs movement leading to less motion transfer. Hence, suited for people with children.  Spring mattresses with great bounce do not provide seamless motion. And if sleeping with a partner this motion can disrupt your sleep. 
Durability  Memory foam mattresses are more durable as they don’t have coils that can sag. They can last for around 8 to 10 years.  The coil tends to break more quickly, or it may sink causing indents to form. This sagging disrupts the even surface of the bed and can last long only 5 years. 
Bounce  Memory foam with high responsiveness and low recovery time doesn’t offer much bounce.  Spring mattress with coil offers more bounce but are less responsive. Hence, don’t adjust while changing positions. 
Temperature regulation Memory foam mattresses tend to retain more heat while their advanced versions may combat this issue.  In a spring mattress, the coil layer allows air passage making it more breathable and trapping less heat.

Summary: Memory Foam vs. Spring Mattress

Your sleeping position and the body type play important factor in deciding the type of mattress that will suit you and ensure you comfort. Memory foam mattress are best suited for people looking for something that can relieve pressure and are beneficial for back pain. While looking for mattress try to find out what’s suitable for you depending on the size, fit, firmness level along with above mentioned features. If you don’t choose the right mattress with perfect blend of cushion and support, it may end up sagging affecting its durability.  not only this, but it may also end up creating problem during sleep and aggravate pain.

You can also look for hybrid mattress that comes with the benefit of both. it has support layers of coils and the comfort layer of wither memory foam or latex foam. Hence, with it you can have something that mold to your body while providing firmer bounce with increased airflow.

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