How to Take Care of Air Conditioners in Monsoon ?

Air conditioners have taken an important place in our home and now are almost an indispensable part of our lifestyle. They are our best friends during summers. Especially during the times when humidity is above 70% and, the heat is unbearable. During these times, ACs keep us cool, dry, and comfortable in our spaces. Further enabling us to work efficiently. During monsoon season their importance increases as this is the time when even air coolers work against our comfort. Hence, ACs come as our savior. But while we enjoy their services, we must not forget to take care of air conditioners in monsoon. Let us see how can we ensure the smooth working of AC?

Steps to take care of the air conditioner in monsoon

We must understand that any appliance needs proper maintenance for it to work smoothly. Air conditioners are not an exception. Regular cleaning of air conditioners ensures efficient cooling and low power consumption. However, during monsoon season, issues like mold, unusual odor, and water leaking are common and necessitate maintenance.

Clean the outdoor unit

A light shower may clean the outdoor unit. But the thunderstorm with heavy rain might end up clogging it with leaves, dust, etc. Also, dirty condenser coils decrease the cooling capacity of AC, leading to more power consumption. This further can lead to system breakdown. To avoid this, it is important to clean the outdoor unit before and after the rain.

Use at Ideal temperature

During summers many of us prefer the AC temperature between 16-20 degrees Celsius. But during monsoon, keeping a low temperature may put pressure on the compressor affecting AC’s durability. Hence, to take care of air conditioners in monsoon, it is better to use AC in the ideal range of 22 to 26 degrees Celsius. It also reduces electricity costs.

Check on drain pipes to take care of air conditioners in the monsoon season

Clogged drain pipes may affect the cooling of AC, further causing leakage in the indoor unit. During monsoon, the dirt accommodation, mold, and algae can build up inside the pipe clogging it. Hence, it is important to keep a check on it. Check out here on how to clean drain pipes.

Operate in dry mode

The other very important step to take care of air conditioners in monsoon is to use them in Dry mode. This is best suited to keep humidity out of your space and keep the surrounding cool and dry. But while enjoying the cool air, ensure that you have a proper intake of water.

Ensure a good performance

We all want AC to work economically and cool surroundings efficiently.  For this, you must ensure that no heat-generating device like a refrigerator, computer, etc. is installed near AC. This is because such devices reduce the system performance further leading to pressure on AC’s compressor.

Clean filters

It is a common problem during monsoon that the dirt and dust get stuck to the filters. Their regular cleaning will prevent fungal growth, which might occur due to condensation in the indoor unit. It is therefore important to clean it regularly.

How to clean air conditioner filters

Take care of air conditioners in monsoon season: Final words

High humidity in the Monsoon season results in great dependence on air conditioners. This further may cause a foul smell, abnormal noise, hefty electricity bills, and water leaking. While the bill is where we can’t do much, we can make sure to take care of smell and noise. And this is only by proper maintenance of indoor as well as an outdoor unit.

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