How to Fix Water Leakage from split AC? 

Air conditioners are the best friends in these scorching summers. While they keep you cool and comfortable, they also demand proper maintenance. And if not done, ACs may end up creating a heck of problems for you. One such is water leakage from AC. Generally, this occurs more in split ACs but window ACs are also not immune to it. Here, we will try to find out how to fix water leakage from AC, and get to know its reasons as well.

Reasons for Water Leakage:

Now, there could be multiple reasons for water leakage from a split AC indoor unit. It can be generally attributed to either poor AC installation or an unclean AC. In addition to this, other possible reasons could be :

  • Rusted or damaged drain pan
  • Accumulated Dirt in air filters
  • Ill-fitting of AC indoor unit
  • Little or no refrigerant
  • Clogged condensate drain line

Though Some of these can be handled by self while others need professional service. But by the time the service reaches you, you can look out for what is making your AC leak. here‘s how you can fix water leakage in ac.

Fixing water leakage from AC:

As discussed there can be many reasons for water leakage from AC. If the issue has come up to you, do not worry we are here to solve your problem. 

1. Replace the Rusted drain pan:

If the issue is of a cracked drain pan it can be solved with sealants easily. but, a  rusted drain pan has holes in it for water to fall through. Hence, the replacement of a drain pan that fits your AC is the only way out.

2. Clean or Change Air Filters to prevent water leakage from AC

Dirty air filters block the airflow from reaching the evaporator coil, causing it to freeze. This evaporator coil is responsible for converting liquid in AC to vapor. After some time when it heats up, the frozen part melts and causes leakage in AC.

But the good part is that it can be avoided at a low cost. Air filters can be cleaned easily by using pipe or tap water. Remember water must be at enough pressure to remove dirt. Or you can also buy new ones which are easily available in the market at a low cost.

3. Correct the slope of the water outlet

Water leakage from AC can be due to the ill-fitting of the AC unit. It can be easily corrected by correcting the slope of the water outlet and ensuring it is not blocked.

4. Refilling refrigerant can stop water leakage from AC

Little or no refrigerant in your AC develops low pressure resulting in a refrigerant leak. Further affecting its cooling capacity. Since the refrigerant is what powers up the coil to do its job. So, its no or less amount hampers the working of evaporator coils, causing them to freeze. After some time when it heats up, the frozen part melts and causes water leakage from the indoor unit.

5. Clean the drain line

The clogged drain line is very common and mainly causes water leakage from AC unit. Over the time period, the dust and dirt after getting mixed with moisture form a layer inside condensate pipe. This further leads the drain line to overflow from the AC unit. here’s how you can clean it:

First, switch off the AC. Second, open up the unit until you see the drain line. Then after locating it, remove the PVC cap. This will help you see the dirt clogged inside. Now, you can use a wire attached with a brush or scrub at one of its ends to remove the dirt from inside of the drain.

6. Use bleach

You can even use bleach regularly to keep your drain line clean. Remember to not overuse it and only at a gap of 6 months. This helps in removing algae or mold if any from the drain line, keeping it clean.

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