How to Clean Vacuum Filters?

A vacuum cleaner is one of the most frequently used home appliances that has uplifted the game of cleaning sectors. It can clean different types of micro-particles from different types of surfaces efficiently. The efficiency may depend on the type of filter and how dirty the surfaces are. Vacuum filters play a significant role and can absorb the dust and odour from the surfaces. However, you should note that dirty filters can reduce the suction capacity of the vacuum cleaner. You should never try to use a vacuum cleaner without a filter as it can also spread the dirt in the entire room. If you observe changes in the efficiency of vacuum cleaners, dirty filters could be one of the reasons. Here we will talk about how to clean vacuum filters to make things easier for you. 

how to clean vaccuum filters

Types of Filters and How to clean them? 

Vacuum cleaners have different types of filters and the process of cleaning will be different for each of them. Here are the common types of filters:

Foam filters

These filters are made using high-quality polyurethane foam which helps in cleaning the dust particles. You can simply use a mixture of water and salt to clean the foam filters. Submerge the filter in the water and squeeze it to release the dirt. Add a few drops of essential oil to get rid of the foul smells. The process of cleaning is simple and these filters can be reused multiple times. 

Pleated paper or Synthetic Cartridges

Another type of filter you will find in vacuum cleaners is pleated paper or synthetic cartridges. These use a porous element or a synthetic fabric, but are not easily washable. You can consider removing the cartridge from the vacuum and tapping it against the garbage to remove the dirt. In other cases, you will have to consider replacing the filter. 

HEPA Filters

High-Efficiency Particulate Air, or HEPA filter is another type of filter commonly used in vacuum cleaners, which helps in cleaning around 99% of the microscopic particles. These filters are highly effective and will remove the majority of microparticles. However, these filters are not that easy to clean. You will have to buy a new filter and replace the previous one. You can also remove the filter and clean using a micro brush or tap it against the side of the trash can. It may help in reducing the amount of dirt from the filter. 

How often should you clean or replace vacuum filters? 

The cleaning frequency depends on the amount of usage. If the usage is higher, you must consider cleaning the filters every two to three minutes. You should consider replacing the filters every three months to six months, depending on the frequency. Refer to the instructions shared by the manufacturer for further guidance. 

Tips for keeping your vacuum filters clean

Here are some more tips to help you keep the filters clean: 

  • Empty the vacuum bag or dust canister. The piled-up dust can impact the efficiency of the filters.
  • Add a few drops of essential oil while cleaning filters to reduce the amount of foul smell.
  • You should also clean the inside part of the vacuum cleaners and the brush rollers.

Filters can have a direct impact on the performance and efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. Refer to the above-mentioned tips to learn how to clean vacuum filters. 

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