How To Clean a Washing Machine?

A washing machine is one of the most versatile appliances that we use in our day-to-day lives. The newer models are even more advanced and efficient, which are designed to reduce the cleaning time. However, do you consider cleaning your washing machine after every use? Over time, the washing machines get dirty, and soap scum may start building up in the washer. The bacteria and germs may get accumulated in the washing machine, which can impact its functioning of the washing machine. It can lead to a bad odour and may contaminate the next load of clothing. To prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and keep your clothes clean, it is necessary to properly clean the machine. Here are simple steps that you must follow to clean a washing machine and ensure that it stays fresh.

Why should you clean your washing machine?

How to clean a washing machine

The residue from the detergent gets accumulated in the washing machine. This can lead to the build-up of harmful germs and bacteria, which can clog the inner mechanism and impact the functioning of the washing machine. The moisture and leftover detergent can trigger unpleasant odours as well. As a result, you may get dirty and unclean clothes after every use. Therefore, you must consider cleaning your washing machine every once in a while, depending on the frequency of usage.

How often should you clean your washing machine?

It is often recommended that you should clean the washing machine once a week or bi-weekly. If you don’t use it frequently, then you can consider deep cleaning it once a month. Now, let us understand the process of cleaning the washing machine and how you can maintain its efficiency.

How to clean a washing machine?

How to clean a washing machine

Whether it is front-loading or top-loading automatic washing machines, you cannot skip on the cleaning part. Here are certain instructions you must follow to eliminate build-up in the washing machine.

Step 1: Run a hot cycle with a White Vinegar mixture

You should start by running a hot cycle to eliminate the powder detergent particles. Add one cup of vinegar to eliminate the dirt and cleanse the surfaces properly. White vinegar will act as a deodorizer, and will not cause any harm to your clothes. The hot-water and vinegar mixture combo can help prevent the growth of bacteria. After running the machine, you should let the mixture sit in the machine for around one hour and keep the lid of the washing machine open while doing this.

Step 2: Wash detergent trays and lint filters

The detergent tray collects detergent residue, whereas lint filters are designed to collect the lint during the wash cycle. It is necessary to clean both in order to remove the dirt and unpleasant odours. Remove the detergent tray and clean it using a mild cleaning agent. Besides this, you must check if the lint filter is removable. Use an old toothbrush to clean it properly and then soak it in the mixture of hot water and mild cleaning agent. Let it sit in the solution for around one hour, and then rinse it with water. If the lint filter is not removable, then you must consider reaching out to professionals for help.

Step 3: Clean the interiors and exteriors of the washing machine

You can use a commercial cleaner or vinegar solution to clean the interiors and exteriors of the washing machine. Use a microfibre cloth, dedicated toothbrush, and solution to clean the machine. If you are using a commercial cleaner, make sure to test it first to check its compatibility.

Step 4: Run a wash cycle with baking soda

You should run another wash cycle to eliminate the vinegar residue from the washing machine. Add one cup of baking soda to remove dirt and clean the machine thoroughly.

Step 5: Wipe the machine

After draining the water, you must wipe the machine with a clean cotton cloth.

Pro Tip: Don’t let wet clothes stay in the washing machine for longer as it can add moisture which may lead to unpleasant odours.

Step 6: Clean the drain pipe

The drainage pipe can also get clogged over time, which may impact the functioning of the washing machine. You must check the product manual to understand how to clean it properly or must seek professional assistance.

Maintain your washing machine

Here are some simple steps that you must follow to clean a washing machine. Besides this, you must follow some basic practices and instructions to maintain your washing machine. For instance, you must avoid adding too much detergent or use the right one. Besides, you must keep it open for around one hour and take out wet clothes as soon as possible. Moisture can create a breeding ground for moulds and bacteria. Therefore, you must follow these practices and clean your washing machine regularly.

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