Your Ultimate Guide for Buying a Tower Air Cooler

This summer season, getting extra hot demands an extra cooling in style, and this is precisely what tower air coolers are here to do. Be it house or workspace, small or large-sized rooms they ensure to keep you cool with their eye-catching style, compact design, and low energy consumption. They come in various sizes to suit your space. From compact tower air coolers to mid-range category tower air coolers, they can cater to rooms in their 8–100-liter capacity category. With such a large variety, it becomes a little difficult to decide the best. But don’t worry! We are here to help you with our ultimate guide for buying a tower air cooler.

Are tower air coolers good?

In this hot weather, tower coolers are a great alternative to air conditioners. With less power consumption they provide efficient cooling to save you from scorching heat. They are lightweight and portable so can be carried easily from one place to another without any hassle. The causes instant cooling and creates no noise as other coolers make. Also, they are eco-friendly so good for people and good for the environment.

Decide room size 

Before you start your search for an air cooler decide on room size and where it is to be installed. Large coolers in small rooms will cause a lot of humidity while small coolers in large rooms will not cool properly. So, choose the size keeping in mind the airflow which is measured in cfm (cubic feet per minute). Higher the cfm greater the cooling capability.

Features to look for, while buying a Tower air cooler

Check Air throw capability

One of the important features to look out for is fan speed and its air throw capability. It refers to the area covered with effective cooling. A good tower air cooler must be able to cover each corner of the room where air throw distance is important.

Water Tank capacity and auto-fill feature

Since these air coolers come with different water tank capacities, you can choose from options ranging between 10-100litres, according to your room size. The concept is that a large water tank will provide uninterrupted cooling for long hours and vice-versa. Another essential feature to look out for is the Autofill feature. In the large tank, it eases out the task of waiting for a long while in the small tank it fills the tank whenever required. So once connected to the water source you can take a back seat to enjoy the cool air

Your tower air cooler needs Cross ventilation

It becomes very important for air cooler users to ensure proper ventilation in the room where it is to be installed. Poor air passage will increase humidity in the room zeroing the cooling effect.

Cooling pads

This is something that asks for a lot of attention as here you need to look out for mosquito and dust filters, design, and their layout in the panel. Good quality cooling pads with a proper water distribution system give long and effective cooling, ensuring the air is pure and clean. Honeycomb pads are very common nowadays in tower coolers due to their dense structures causing prolonged cooling.

Ice cube tray

If you need instant and enhanced cooling, then this feature is a must look. Some coolers come with a detachable ice chamber so that you can add ice cubes whenever required according to your need and it is suitable for cleaning as well.

Control convenience

If you want to control airspeed or other features of your air cooler, without getting out of your bed or sofa, then the remote-control feature is a must to look out for. Nowadays air coolers also come with Wi-fi control or voice control via voice assistant.

Summary: Ultimate guide for buying a Tower Air cooler

Now that you know what to look for while purchasing tower air coolers, we hope you find the one that serves your needs and keeps you cool in hot summers.

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