Different Types of Air Coolers. Which One to Buy? 

Hot Summers are the perfect time for air coolers. Not only do they keep you cool and comfortable but also save your operating and installation costs. This is because they work well in low maintenance and can be fitted in any corner of the house. Hence, making themselves pocket and space-friendly. They operate on low power consumption and are a good substitute for air conditioners during summers. Though they do not provide the same amount of cooling, they save you from heat and sweat. Also, they are environment friendly.  Further, depending on the area to be cooled, fan speed requirements and other different features varieties are easily available in the market. Having said that, it is important to know which one suits your space? Here we will discuss different types of air coolers and which one to buy?

Different Types of air coolers with their features

Thanks to rising market competition, manufacturers have come up with the latest technology and modern designs in air coolers. Hence, providing you with a bunch of variety. Without the proper knowledge, it can be confusing for you to decide what suits you best. But worry not! We are here to help you. Below we have discussed different types of air coolers :

1. Desert Cooler : 

Desert air coolers are the perfect fit for large spaces with low humidity and high temperature. Similar conditions, as found in the desert and hence the name “desert coolers”. They are also called evaporative coolers because they evaporate off the water inside the tank and give cool air. Hence, suitable for cooling capacious rooms instantly. Generally, desert coolers are available in, is 50-60 liters capacity. Such capacity promises prolonged cooling, without the hassle of refilling within short durations. And hence, you can enjoy the cool breeze in dry weather. It should be noted that its water capacity and efficient motor make them the best fit for wide spaces like restaurants and cafes. And also are workable in office space. It should be noted that the desert cooler uses fans for cooling which leads to its effectiveness in cooling large spaces.

2. Tower Cooler:

Tower air coolers with their compact size work best in small spaces. Their latest designs and automatic features have made them one of the highly recommended among different types of air coolers. They are available with features like mosquito and dust filter net, ice cube chamber, anti-bacterial cover, digital display, remote operation, an empty water tank alarm, and an autofill feature. Hence, making it suitable for people wanting a cooler that works on low maintenance and is hassle-free to use. Its autofill feature ensures you uninterrupted cooling. Moreover, you can operate it with a remote by sitting in your comfortable place.

Further talking about space, they can serve large as well as small spaces. But because of their slim and sleek design, they are best suited for small spaces like shops and study rooms. They come with castor wheels and a small water tank, which makes them easily movable. Since they use blowers with 4-way deflection technology, therefore, are better suited for focused cooling in small spaces. You may need to regularly maintain it like cleaning the ice cube tray and cleaning the mosquito and dust net. Along with this, it also needs proper cross ventilation in the room where it is used otherwise it may end up creating a lot of humidity.

3. Window Coolers

As in the name, these coolers are best to be installed on the window frame. Since they are already out of the room so you need not worry about the space they cover but only that it must fit your window size. Their body is made up of superior plastic material to make them durable in heat. They come with a large tank capacity, so once filled you can enjoy uninterrupted cool air for up to 4-5 hours. They are best if you are looking for an air cooler that gives great cooling with less power consumption. Also, these coolers cost more than other types of air coolers and need good maintenance.

4. Personal Coolers

Last but not least, personal air coolers are the most common type of air coolers used nowadays. The body design suits small spaces and hence is also called “mini coolers”. They are slightly bigger than tower cooler but are lightweight and can be easily moved from one place to other. Many personal air coolers come with features like a water drain plug, honeycomb cooling pads, and inverter compatibility that makes them stand out from the rest of the air coolers.


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