Can Air Coolers Trigger Asthma Attack?

Poor air quality can worsen the symptoms of asthma and trigger attacks for asthmatics. People suffering from the condition should be cautious before moving to a new area. While you cannot control the outside air quality, you can certainly keep a check on the indoor air quality. Many individuals consider getting an air purifier installed to improve the air quality. However, there are equipment and cooling air systems that may alter the quality of the air. Many individuals are often worried about the air coolers and their technology. The quality of the air you inhale can have a significant impact and may irritate your lungs. The air-cooling systems can change the quality of the air. Here, we will talk about air coolers and understand if they can induce asthma attacks.

Will air coolers cause asthma?

Air coolers

Every individual’s asthma triggers are different and it is necessary to determine your triggers before choosing an air cooling system. Here, we have given a detailed overview of how air coolers are associated with this critical condition.

Air coolers and Asthma

One needs to understand that air coolers can lead to an increase in humidity levels. Dust mites, mould spores, and other micro-organisms survive well in a high humid environment. This can create a dangerous situation for asthmatics, and it may trigger asthma attacks. Humidity can worsen the quality of the air. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that there is enough ventilation when using air coolers. Create good ventilation in the room and saturate the cooling pads to reduce the humidity levels in the room.

Dry air can be problematic for asthmatics

Dry air can be a problematic concern for individuals suffering from asthma. Talking about different cooling systems, fans do not impact the dryness. Air conditioners make the air dryer which increases the chances and is likely causing an asthma attack. On the other hand, air coolers don’t dry out the air. They can be helpful in lowering the temperature of the air. If proper ventilation is maintained, this will not cause any harm to asthma patients.

Air coolers can help filter the air

The cooling pads can also function as filters and may help eliminate the irritants from the air. They can trap different impurities and may be less problematic for individuals suffering from asthma. Besides this, modern-day air coolers are equipped with efficient filters such as HEPA. These filters help deliver clean and purified air. They can help remove the impurities such as dust, mould, germs, and other airborne irritants.

Summing Up

Air coolers are comparatively safer than air conditioners. They can help in improving the quality of the air, while the latter can dry the air and increase the risk of asthma attacks. As mentioned above, every individual may experience different symptoms and triggers. An individual must consider consulting an expert to understand more about their asthma triggers. You must certainly avoid spending more hours in both air coolers and air conditioners to prevent these attacks. You must consult your healthcare provider for further assistance and take the necessary steps to prevent the risk of asthma attacks.

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