Blowers vs Fans in Air Cooler: Which is better?

Air coolers

Air coolers are humans’ best friends in these scorching summers. They keep you cool and at ease at minimal cost and maintenance. They occupy less space and are portable, which makes them suitable for large or even small spaces. With so many manufacturers in the market, the options have gone diversified. Hence, now we can choose according to our space, budget, and need. To understand better what suits our place and what will cater to our needs, we must make ourselves aware of some of the cooler’s features. Blowers or fans are such features that make a lot of difference in air coolers. The airflow measured in CMH(cubic meters per hour), depends on them. While fans output air at low pressure and high amounts, blowers output air at high pressure at high amounts. Lets take a look at blowers vs fans in air coolers and try find out about them:

What are air Blowers?

An air blower is a mechanical device that mainly works for throwing air at a directed target.  It can be thought of as an enhanced version of the fan, that outputs air at high pressure in high amounts. this makes them more suitable for small air coolers.

It consists of a rotor, an impeller, and a casing with space for input and output of air. The impeller is inside the casing and connected to the rotor. This impeller which is like a fan takes air from the top or sides of the blower and accelerates it up. This high-powered air gets thrown out at great speed from the mouth of the blower covering only the limited space. Hence, making air coolers suitable only for small spaces.

How does the fan work in the air cooler?

Fans in the air cooler are like normal fans that rotate and throw air forward. This air throw is at low pressure and at high amounts making air circulate through an entire room. It removes heated air from the room by throwing the air-cooled water into the tank. Fans in air coolers consist of spinning rotors and attached blades. The blades grab the air and thrust it forward. Hence providing direct and efficient air.

Blower vs Fans: what’s better?

We have done here crisp blowers vs fans, to make it easy for you to evaluate which is better for you:

Aspects  Fans Blowers
Used in Desert cooler personal/room/tower coolers
Pressure ratio <1.1 1.1-1.2
Airflow Entire room Targeted delivery
Ideal for Big room Small room
  • Axial flow fans
  • Centrifugal fans 
  • Cross-flow fans
  • Positive displacement blowers
Parching  Faster drying Dries things at a low pace

Final words:

After discussing blowers vs fans we can say that both cater to different needs. Hence, to make the best use of them, identify the area along with your needs and then go for purchase. Keeping in view the energy efficiency then fans are more energy efficient while blowers need more energy to work efficiently.

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