What is BLDC Ceiling Fan and How Does It Work?

Ceiling fans have been in existence for a while and have undergone a major transformation. You will see fans with modern technologies, innovations, and aesthetic design. BLDC is one of the new innovations in the industry. Let us understand what a BLDC ceiling fan is, and how it is different from conventional ceiling fans.


BLDC Ceiling Fan

BLDC or Brushless Direct Control Fans are those equipped with BLDC motors instead of the standard induction motors. It is the type of motor that helps in reducing power consumption by 65%. Moreover, the BLDC motors do not generate any heat and are equipped with thick binding of copper wire. The presence of copper makes them more efficient and long-lasting.

Parts of BLDC motor

BLDC motor

A motor in a ceiling fan consists of the following three parts:

  • The stationary object – Stator
  • The rotating object – Rotor
  • The rod connecting motor – Shaft

BLDC fans have different technologies and use different components in the motor. In the rotor, a permanent magnet is used, while the stator consists of copper windings. The great design and technology used in the BLDC fans can help in saving electricity and reduce the overall energy bills. Moreover, there is no brush between the rotor and stator. This is the reason, why it is referred to as Brushless.

BLDC Drive

Let us understand the technology behind the BLDC motor. The following three components are used in the drive:

SMPS: The main responsibility of SMPS is to convert AC supply into DC supply.

Microcontroller: The function of the microcontroller is to receive the input data and send output data to the inverter.

Inverter: The inverter receives the output signal from the microcontroller and then sends it to the motor.

BLDC fans work on this principle and technology. This is the technology that makes them more energy-efficient and can help in reducing the overall power bills.

Final Thoughts

BLDC motors circulate the same amount of air but have less energy consumption. Moreover, they can operate silently which makes them an effective choice for residents and workplaces. The fan will not cause any disturbance and you will be able to concentrate on your work. However, the BLDC fans may come with a premium price tag because of the copper windings and effective technology. You should consider the pricing as an investment and choose them for improved reliability and technology. They are the latest technology and certainly an excellent investment for modern users.

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