Are Mosquito killer lamps safe for babies?

The growing population across the globe has escalated the spread of numerous diseases. This is because of poor hygienic conditions and overcrowding that ease the way of carriers to spread the disease. Out of all carriers, mosquitoes are the most dangerous as they not only spread but also cause life-threatening diseases. Chikungunya, dengue, and malaria are some very common diseases that see a great spike during monsoon season and need proper attention. Even without monsoon season mosquitoes are a daily life problem. Now we can’t always sit inside the mosquito net and need mosquito killer lamps or plugin liquid mosquito repellants. But are mosquito repellants safe for babies?

Before discussing this, we need to know how they work? And also what type of chemical do they use to ensure our safety?

How do mosquito killer lamps work?

These mosquito killer lamps come with a wire that can be connected to a plug. There’s generally a high-intensity UV bulb that attracts the mosquitoes and kills them either with a fast-speed fan or high voltage electrically charged metal grids. The production of UV rays requires special bulbs that are designed to produce a form of UV rays called UV-A. This light is light blue and considerably lowers the amount of UV-A you get exposed to.

Are mosquito killer lamps safe for babies? 

As we discussed that these mosquito killer lamps work by emitting UV-A rays, which are not harmful as they do not transmit throughout the house. To ensure that your baby and toddlers are safe from them to keep, don’t let children come near them. And if your sofa or bed is at a distance of 25 cm from the bulb, then you do not need to worry. You are at safe distance. Also, note that any distance above 10 cm from the lamp is safe. 


Now if we see them from a non-radiation perspective then we can say that keep them away from food materials. This is because the dead insects might end up in food.

Points to remember:

The UV rays emitted by them are not strong enough to cause harmful effects for anyone. But just to be extra sure on whether mosquito killer lamps are safe for babies, remember:

  • Use mosquito nets at night.
  • Avoid prolonged use of these lamps around babies.
  • Keep mosquito lamps away from the baby’s reach.
  • Keep cleaning lamp tray regularly

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