Air coolers or AC, which is better for health?

Summers are the time when we all turn to ACs and air coolers to keep us cool and comfortable.  These are the days when we realize their importance and run from one shop to another to purchase the best. Where air coolers fit within budget, and space and are energy efficient, On the other side ACs though costly, give efficient cooling by removing that itchy humidity. Both AC and cooler have their advantages in this hot weather and are need of today. But while looking out for their prices and brands, we many times forget to look at their long-term health effects. Here in this article, we have put out some interesting points on whether to buy Air coolers or AC, depending on their health effects. But before we know that, let’s try to understand how do they work?

Air coolers functioning:

Air coolers being energy efficient works simply by using either a blower or fan. It sucks the warm air from the surroundings and passes it through the cooling pads, further making it cool. The water in these pads gets evaporated as the fan rotates and gives out a cool breeze. These air coolers often come with honeycomb pads with greater water holding capacity. Also, they have mosquito and dust filters which makes them more desirable among people.

Air conditioners functioning:

ACs cool down the room air by eliminating humidity. It does so by taking hot air from the room and then cooling it down. It does so by using liquid refrigerant which converts into a gas inside an evaporator coil. This happens as the refrigerant absorbs the heat from indoor air. Thus, cooling the air as it passes over the coil.

Air coolers or AC?

While both air coolers and AC are suitable for regions with dry summers, air conditioners are best suited for humid areas. This is because its main work is removing moisture from the space and making it cool. This feature is harmful to humans as it can cause dry skin and dry eyes. Many times a person sitting in AC doesn’t feel thirsty because of the cooling effect which may further lead to many problems.

When we talk about air coolers, they need proper maintenance and cleaning to work properly. Also, the water needs to be changed weekly otherwise, it may smell and create an uncomfortable space for you. It must also be ensured that mosquito breeding doesn’t take place in the water which can be prevented by using medicine or petrol.

Another point to be noted is that the Air conditioner operates by circulating the same air in the room over and over again. This doesn’t happen with an air cooler. Air cooler takes fresh air from outside and cools it down with its honeycomb pads giving you better quality of air. The air from air cooler is preferable for people with asthma and dust allergy.

Air conditioners with its extra cooling capabilities may pose harm to human health during extreme hot weathers. This occurs due to sudden exposure of body to warm temperature after being at 16 or 17 degrees. This further may cause cold and cough and can be a reason of decreased immunity. Also being in AC for long time affects our body natural process of sweating which in long term not beneficial to health.

Because this extra cooling doesn’t occurs with air coolers hence no such harm lies with their use.

Final words:

Air cooling systems are of great use in summers. But their use must be regulated so as to ensure proper health. Air conditioners where are suitable for dry and humid heat areas, but their prolonged use may pose serious health hazards. Obesity, sore eyes, weak immune systems are some problems which are scientifically proven to be caused by prolonged exposure to dry air. Hence, air coolers are better over AC, given they are used with proper ventilation.

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