9 Tips to Reduce Your AC’s Power Consumption

Have your energy bills skyrocket during the summer months? There can be several reasons behind the sudden increase and one of them could be the extensive usage of the air conditioners. The air conditioners may provide you with relief from the extreme sun rays. However, it can also increase and contribute to high consumption of power efficiency. Different parts of the world are burning and sizzling in intense heat temperatures. Air conditioners have become a necessity for areas with extremely hot climates. Whether it is a Split AC or a Window AC, the power consumption is comparatively higher. However, there are certain things you can implement to reduce your AC’s power consumption.

Reduce your AC’s power consumption

Even the modern technological advanced ACs can burn a hole in your pocket. Here, we have curated nine tips that you must follow to reduce your AC’s power consumption.

1. Choose the right temperature

You may want to run the AC at a lower temperature because of the rapid heat and increasing temperatures. You should certainly avoid setting the AC temperature below 24-degree Celsius. It is the ideal temperature for the human body as per the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). The AC compressor operates for a long when you run the air conditioner at a low temperature. This means more power consumption and higher energy bills. Besides this, you must even avoid increasing and decreasing the temperature. Set it at a standard temperature to ensure effective cooling in the room.

2. Sealed rooms and windows

You should ensure that the doors and windows are properly closed. If the doors and windows are not properly closed, the hot air from outside may enter the room. It can certainly increase the load on the air conditioner and may increase the power consumption.

3. Set a timer

Sleeping in a cooler environment during the extreme summer months can provide you with better sleep. But, it can also pose a threat to your health and may cause some serious health problems. Therefore, it is advised that you should set a timer and avoid running the AC overnight.

4. Protect the outdoor unit from direct sunlight

When the AC compressor is directly exposed to direct sunlight, it can impact the performance and efficiency of the air conditioner. It can increase power consumption and may increase your utility bills. Therefore, you must consider getting a cover or shade for the outdoor unit to protect it from the sunlight. Doing this will certainly not cause any damage to the outdoor unit and may help reduce the AC’s power consumption.

5. Turn off the main power switch

Many individuals often turn off the AC with the remote only. However, this sets the compressor to ‘idle load’, which will still consume electricity. This can lead to huge monthly bills. Therefore, you must always consider turning off the main power switch when the AC is not in use.

6. Choose the right energy efficiency star rating

You will find ACs available in ratings from 1 to 5. A 1-star rated AC will consume more power and cool the room slowly. On the other hand, a 5-star rated will cool the room more efficiently and consume less power. Additionally, the advanced models have innovative features that may help reduce energy bills. You must pay attention to all these aspects while choosing the air conditioner.

7. Change air filters

Air filters can trap dust, debris, pet hair, and other micro-particles. The dirty filters can block the airflow, which may increase the load and power consumption. Besides this, it is necessary to understand that dirty filters can also trigger allergic reactions. This is why it is advised to change the air filters and clean them on regular basis. You will have to replace the filters depending on the usage of the air conditioner. You may have to clean them every week if you use the air conditioner frequently. An air conditioner technician may help you with the replacement of the air filters.

8. Schedule regular maintenance visits

Neglecting and delaying maintenance can have a significant impact on the performance of the air conditioner. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your air conditioner and may also help prevent the risk of repairs. If there are parts that require repairs, the experts will take care of them and take the necessary measures. This will help improve the performance of the air conditioner, which will aid in reducing the energy bills.

9. Use ceiling fans on cool days

You should even consider giving your air conditioner a break, especially when the weather is pleasant. You can use a ceiling fan on those days to cool your rooms.

Relieve the pressure of high energy bills and follow these tips. These will reduce your AC’s power consumption and will also improve the performance of the air conditioner. Take these small steps and prevent your electricity bills from skyrocketing this summer.

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