11 Things You Should Never Clean Using a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners have become a necessity and have become one of the most used appliances in our house. Cleaning our home is an essential task, but it can certainly be exhausting. You can use various methods, and techniques, and can probably do manual cleaning too. But the efficacy of the vacuum cleaners makes them a versatile appliance. However, you have to be very cautious when cleaning your house with a vacuum cleaner. No matter what kind of vacuum cleaner you own, there are certain things that can’t be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. If you vacuum the wrong things, they may get stuck in the machine and may damage the overall operations of the cleaner. It could clog the cleaner bag or may even lead to electrical failure.

Things you shouldn’t vacuum

Things you should not vacuum
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Vacuum cleaners are expensive, and you cannot take any risks with them. Here, we have created a handy guide to help you understand what things you should avoid cleaning using a vacuum cleaner.

1. Wet Surfaces

If you want to clean water or other wet surfaces, you must invest in wet vacuum cleaners. When you clean a wet surface with a dry cleaner, it may lead to electrocution. This can cause serious damage to the cleaner and may impact its performance. Besides, it will get difficult to clean or empty the bag. Therefore, you must avoid using dry cleaners for cleaning wet surfaces.

2. Glass pieces

Things you should not vacuum

You should always pick broken glass pieces with a broom instead of cleaning them with a vacuum cleaner. It is because the broken glass pieces may stick to the house and can cause huge damage to the vacuum cleaner. It may also puncture the bag and may burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid cleaning broken glass pieces with a vacuum cleaner.

3. Plant debris

Things you should not vacuum

You should even avoid picking dead plants and leaves with your vacuum cleaner. They may get stuck and clog the pipe of the cleaner. It may further lead to expensive repairs. You can prevent the damage and repairs by certainly picking them up with a broom or sweeping them away.

4. Hot ashes

Cleaning ashes with a vacuum cleaner is not an issue. But you should never clean or pick up hot ashes with a vacuum cleaner. The heat from the ashes can damage the cleaner and its pipe.

5. Cosmetics

Did you spill the cosmetic products such as lipsticks, mascara, or eyeshadow on the floor? When you use a vacuum cleaner, they may further spill and can even damage the carpet. You should consider picking these up with a broom and avoid vacuuming them.

6. Hard objects

Things you should not vacuum

Are there small stones, pebbles, or coins on the floor? If they get stuck in the vacuum cleaner, they can damage the interior of the cleaner. It may even become difficult to remove and clean the cleaner. You should even note that these can break the interior parts, which may lead to expensive repairs. Therefore, it is advisable that you avoid picking up hard objects and vacuuming them.

7. Construction dust

It can be difficult to clean the mess created by the home renovations. However, you should understand that construction dust and debris contain particles that can even damage the motor. It may even lead to burning issues and damage the entire vacuum cleaner. You should consider sweeping it with a broom to prevent any kind of damage.

8. Soil

Soil may get stuck in your shoes when you go outside. If you or any of the family members enter the house with dirty shoes, then you must be very cautious before you pick up your vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming the soil with a vacuum cleaner could lead to a big concern for the motor. Additionally, the particles may get stick to the carpet and could even stain the carpet.

9. Electrical Cords

You should never run a vacuum cleaner over a cord as it could damage and break the exterior of the cord. You should be very careful and remove the electrical cord to prevent damage.

10. Shredded paper and hair

Things you should not vacuum

Hair and shredded pair may get clogged and can damage the functioning of the vacuum cleaner. You should consider picking them with your hands and avoid vacuuming them.

11. Baking soda

You should never vacuum baking soda as it can block the filters, which may impact the functioning of the cleaner. It can even clog the pores and may lead to expensive repairs.

Final words

Vacuum cleaners are an excellent addition and could save your time. They can be a great help but also have certain limitations. It would be ideal if you go deeper and read about the details shared by the manufacturer. Every machine is made with different materials, and you must go through the product description to understand more. However, these are some of the common things that you should never consider vacuuming. These can damage the interiors of the cleaner and may impact the operations of the machine. Follow this guide and avoid picking these items with your cleaner to increase its shelf life.

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