10 Mistakes to Avoid While Using Your Washing Machine

Washing machines are no less than a miracle. They are a true lifesaver and significantly reduce the time that you may spend doing laundry. All you have to do is just put your clothes, add some detergent, turn on the machine, and voila your clothes will come out super clean. However, have you ever faced a situation where your washing machine stopped working all of a sudden? There can be a fault in the functioning of your washing machine. There can be various reasons why your machine stopped functioning. Here, we will talk about the common mistakes that you must avoid while using your washing machine.

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Mistake 1: Overloading the washer

Every machine has a different capacity and you should certainly avoid overloading the machine. In an urgency to wash the pile of clothes, we often end up overloading the washer which can impact the functioning of your machine. The clothes may not get properly cleaned, and you may have to rewash them. Besides this, it can also reduce the lifespan of the washing machine.

Mistake 2: Keeping the washing machine door closed

Closing the door immediately can create a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. Therefore, it is advisable to leave the door open for some time so that the moisture can evaporate.

Mistake 3: Choosing the wrong settings

Most of us often end up committing this mistake and choosing the wrong settings. Understand that different brands and manufacturers have different types of loads and settings. Read the manual or watch the instruction video online to learn more about the in-built settings. Find out how you can customize settings for different types of clothes. Using the wrong settings can damage your clothes and may also impact the functioning of your washing machine.

Mistake 4: Using too much detergent

Firstly, you should use the right type of detergent. Secondly, you should be cautious while adding the detergent. Many people follow this logic that the more the detergent, the better it would be. However, this is not the case and putting too much detergent is bad for both machines and clothes. It can make your clothes rough and they may lose their shine. On the other hand, it can remove the protective coating from the inner parts of the washing machine which can lead to malfunctioning and damage.

Mistake 5: Leaving wet clothes inside

You may not realize that, but leaving damp and wet clothes inside can be harmful to the machine. It can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. Therefore, you must take out the wet clothes and leave the door open for about 20-30 minutes. Wipe off the inside with a thick towel to ensure there is no excess water present inside the machine.

Mistake 6: Not keeping the washer on a level platform

Keeping the washing machine on an uneven surface can lead to functioning issues. It might lead to vibrations and loud noises, which can also damage the motor of the washing machine. This could lead to costly repairs. Therefore, you must keep the washer on a level and balanced platform.

Mistake 7: Ignoring the tags

Modern and advanced washing machines offer you different settings. From light fabrics to heavy fabrics, you can wash anything. A washing machine can’t read the tag and it is your duty to choose the right settings for washing your clothes. Ensure that you check the tags attached to your tops, shirts, skirts, jackets, and pants. Another thing you must keep in mind is to put similar kinds of fabrics together. Avoid putting light-coloured clothes with dark-coloured clothes.

Mistake 8: Using a fabric softener

Fabric softener contains lubricating ingredients and may help make your clothes smell good and feel softer. However, they have no impact on cleaning and also reduce the effectiveness of fire retardancy. The petrochemical residue from the softeners may build up in your washer machine, which can lead to heavy damage and costly repairs.

Mistake 9: Running the machine when you’re not around

You should never take such a huge risk and run a washing machine when you’re about to head out. The overflowing may lead to potential water damage, and failure of the washing machine also arise the risk of a potential fire. It’s advised to run the washing machine only when you’re around to supervise and look after it.

Mistake 10: Not cleaning the washing machine

Clear out the residue from the machine by giving it a proper wash. You can use two cups of vinegar or specially designed cleaners to clear the residue from the washing machine. Check the manual to determine how often you should clean the washing machine.

Here’s hoping you will not make these mistakes in the future while using your washing machine. Keep these things in mind and prevent the risk of disasters.

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